Hello, and a warm welcome to you!

Thank you so much for stopping by my website, I hope you are enjoying your time spent here.

I’m Ches, a 27 year old crafter from Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK.

Fibre is my passion!

I run Treble Maker Designs  and I am yarn obsessed!!

My love of writing is what inspired me to create this blog. Creative writing has always been my jam, but I am enjoying writing blog posts these days. I wanted a place to share my love of fibre, and the things I make with it.

The rest of the time you can find me on Twitch, streaming The Sims4, Minecraft, and other games. If you’d like to watch someone rage and laugh for a few hours a day, my username is: Potatoplaysperiodically

I am joined as I work, from the comfort of my sofa everyday, by my trusty sidekicks Blaine and Rex, the chichuaXpug and chihuahua

Here’s Blaine sporting his favourite shirt! He loves dressing up, but he loves cuddles more.

And here is Rex doing what he does best, eating treats bigger than his face!

I am also often joined by Gregory the guinea pig as he runs around the living room, nibbling my toes.

Oh, and Zachary, my lovely husband of 5 years! He’s usually working away in the office, headphones in to block my dreadful singing as I work away downstairs. He’s an app developer and all round computer nerd, which is handy when you have two websites to run. Thanks, Muffin!

Outside of work I love to knit and crochet (as well as part of my job), and I am obsessed with cleaning and/or organisation hacks.

I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’re read on the blog today, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions using the Contact Me page.

Happy Reading!