Good Intentions

It’s safe to say that I started this whole lockdown thing with the best of intentions craft wise. Whether I succeeded in using my time wisely, I shall let you be the judge of. This may be a long one, but there’s lots of nice pictures to help you along!

Just a hint though, the answer is most likely no. I have not used my time wisely.

Straight out the gate I broke my ban and put in an order from Hobbi. They had a sale, what can I say?! I also simply couldn’t resist this beautiful yarn cake.

A pastel rainbow that will no doubt be whipped into a baby blanket, one day, to add to my stash. I’m of that ages where friends are having babies left, right and centre, so having a grab box of baby makes is handy to have around!

I have to compliment Hobbi on their wonderful customer service. The parcel took a few extra days to dispatch than usual, which is to be expected, but still arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. No even sponsored, just genuinely a fan. But Hobbi, hello. Hit me up!

I set myself two goals for the time I was spending at home with nothing to do. The first was to finish all of my WIP’s (of which there were too many to admit), and then secondly to make and donate 100 items to charities, shelters, etc at the end of the lockdown.

Needless to say that I have yet to make it to 100 items, but I am working my way through them all very slowly.

Finishing WIP’s wise, most were unravelled and abandoned for various reasons. But one really kept staring at me from the knitting naughty corner, where it had been for almost 18 months. My husband’s long abandoned Flax Jumper (pattern by Tincanknits) which I’d messed up the second sleeve of and angrily thrust it into the depths of the naughty knitting corner.

Which at this point is more of a mountain, but let’s not talk about that.

So what happened to the poor jumper was that I, as an inexperienced knitter at best, picked up the stitches for the sleeves and started knitting. Seems fine, normal even. But it wasn’t until I was around 3 inches into the sleeves that I noticed a row of purl bumps right at the join.

I’d only gone and knitted the wrong way round!

Honestly, the shame is still with me now. How embarrassing.

I decided to face my fears, undo the sleeve, and try again. Thankfully this time I managed to knit the sleeve properly and eventually I finished the jumper, almost 2 years after starting it.

I’ve now told my husband that he’s never to wear it and it shall always remain hung up on display, because I am never, ever, ever knitting him another one. Not a chance.

I know that crochet is my main craft, and i’m far better at it than I am knitting. But even so, there’s just something about knitting that keeps drawing me back in. And while these projects seem so simple to many, to me they represent huge achievements.

Basically, if he lets the moths eat this one then he’ll be sleeping in the tub.

Donation wise have so far made a few baby hats, two baby blankets, and a pair of fingerless gloves. I have other makes on the go, but they’re all on WIP Mountain currently. I did enjoy the pattern for the fingerless gloves though, made using 4mm straight needles, dk weight yarn, and then they’re simply sewn up one side once finished. Here’s how they turned out:

Please excuse the terrible backgrounds for images in this post. My options are limited currently.

I’ve also started learning mosaic crochet recently, following Tinna’s very helpful tutorials on Youtube. I don’t usually like Youtube videos to learn crochet, but these are very thorough and show you exactly where to place stitches. Something I definitely need.

Here’s the results of my practice square, which I’m quite chuffed with to be honest.

And here it is with the very clever double border!

I loved it so much in fact that I immediately started a blanket in this design to add to my donation pile.

Here’s a snippet of the beginning of the blanket, and the yarn stuffed inside my beautiful custom project bag from The Knitters Attic. Guinea pigs are kinda my jam.

I have to say the only other thing I’ve been working on that’s relatively new is the Exploration Station, a knitting pattern by Stephen West. If you’ve followed me on social media for a long time, you may remember I previously started this pattern and abandoned it within a week. It was a bit too much for a newbie knitter. But i’ve learned a few things, so I wanted to give it another go.

The yarn i’d previously chosen had been turned into a crochet shawl, so it was the perfect excuse I’d been looking for to spend my remaining birthday money on more hand dyed yarn. I messaged Siobhan’s Crafts because her IG feed just fills my rainbow loving heart with joy, and she was very patient with my inability to make decisions. Eventually we came up with what I think is they perfect colour scheme. Something that, to me anyway, represents the fact that after rain, there will always be sunshine and rainbows.

Rainbows are also kinda my jam.

So here’s what we came up with!

And yes, I just HAD to buy the guinea pig project bag while I was already purchasing. It’s my third and definitely not my last. I’m trying to collect them all, but no one tell my husband! haha.

I have made a start, but find it quite slow going. The pattern is very well written, it’s just me that’s slow at knitting and easily confused by the simplest things.

As you can see; it’s not perfect, or even close. But I think the colours are really popping together! I’m knitting it on my Knit Pro Smart Stix as well, which are super smooth to knit on, as well as helping me out because I can never find my ruler when I need to measure something.

So that’s it folks! Most of what I’ve been working on, other than a few simple baby hats, and blankets. I certainly haven’t got much to show for my time, but I think i’ve done alright.

What have you been crafting during these strange times? You can tag us in photos on IG, or comment below.

What the judgement then? Did I spend my time wisely? Or did I do nothing but add to WIP Mountain and over stuff my yarn shelves? Hmmmm. We shall see what you decide.


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